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Irina Werning “Girls read at boarding school”

on November 10, 2011

Irina Werning photographically documents children in their daily routine at school in her series, Little school in the Andes. These rural schools in the Andes Mountains of Argentina are truly backcountry outposts. There are few views of the civilized world in the far off northwest part of the country. The children that attend them are basically isolated in their communities,cut off from urban civilization of an otherwise developing country. Only through books and teachers do they get a distorted version of that urban culture. A few powerful routines influence the daily existence of these students aside from working their families land everyday after school. Some of these routines include, football for boys and long hair for girls function as status symbols replacing those consuming goods and articles that dominate teenage life in the cities of the globalized world. The girls even have a period of time out of their day at school to comb their hair. I found this inspiring, rather than indulging in consuming goods and unnecessary articles these young girls indulge in the beauty they already carry. In the photographs, “Girls read at boarding school” three girls long hair drapes over their bunk bed as they read before bed.


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