Everything you need to have a beautiful morning, sleepyhead.

Davi Russo’s Artist Statement

on December 17, 2011


The photographs in this book were created in a haze, a six-year period of time from the age of 27 to 33. These images are a series of short exchanges. Some happened immediately and some needed to be put aside until later understood.

It begins with a moment. Then a series of attempts are made and ultimately images are produced. In each act there is a process that produces a different translation.

I initially started looking for daydreams, then mirrors, and eventually into those who might offer escape.

Those that shared similar feelings and who wanted to participate in making these pictures allowed us the process to explore ourselves by sharing. Maybe we could get past something throughout the act of photographing it.

Entering an endless rotation of starts, stops, and returning to the notion of nowhere feels quite right. Being completely immersed in the thing I’m doing at the moment always seems to be the fuel.

Then it becomes about dissecting it, falling in love, throwing it away, doubt, returning, getting lost, crossing a threshold, and always hating it the moment it’s over because it never really ends.

Changing directions is the key to getting unstuck, over the blocks and into new challenges. It comes in different cycles. Earlier cycles can shed light and inform current ones. A period of time ends, another begins, and I find myself back at a new starting point.

Ultimately, I need to get this out of my life so I set a date to abandon it. The motivation that keeps me making images is the feeling of opening up a door, stepping through, and anticipating that there are going to be beautiful consequences to where I am going.

This is a reflection for what’s already passed.


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