Everything you need to have a beautiful morning, sleepyhead.

Alia Kahan

on December 31, 2011

“This was always my favorite laundry in south Williamsburg in Brooklyn; brimming with very faded, very old Chinese posters and its window filled with plants. The day I shot this photo I was dropping off some dry cleaning on my way out to shoot and figured I’d get a shot of the interior. The sun was pouring in through the front window and I picked up my camera to shoot, expecting the Hasidic man to shy away from the camera and step out of the shot. When he didn’t, I asked him if he minded if he were in the photo and upon his approval reframed my shot. At the last second he pulled his hand in front of his face but stayed in place. New York is full of moments like this, where cultures come together in every place imaginable. Having a camera handy makes it possible to keep a record of these sorts of interactions.” -Alia Kahan

Shot with a Pentax 67 with Fuji chrome and an on camera flash


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